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Info about the delivery
  • Info about the delivery

    Delivery by post worldwide shipping. Only 4.99€
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    We'll provide FREE worldwide shipping for every order if the order sum is greater than 1000€
  • Packomate

    Receive the goods at one of the nearest Omniva terminals during 3-20 business days since order confirmation moment. Shipping to Latvia: 3.63€. Shipping to Estonia and Lithuania: 8.47€ (AFFORDABLE)
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    Receive the goods at your specified address during 3-20 business days since order confirmation moment.(USEFULL)

Omniva parcel terminals is unique, outdoor solution for self-service mashines or parcel terminals in Baltic region. This is a fast and convenient way to send and receive parcels.

Omniva benefits:

  • Open 24/7
  • 86 parcel terminals in Latvia and 183 across the Baltics
  • near popular locations
  • affordable price
  • fast delivery

Parcel terminal options:

  • Recieving a parcel takes only 15 seconds
  • A parcel is kept for 7 days
  • The parcel is returned to the sender within 14 days
  • Ability to track the parcel using the Internet
  • Parcel delivery notification using SMS and E-mail
  • Max weight 30 kg
  • Ability to pay using credit card

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